And the #3 BEST place to live voted by CNN Money Magazine 2013 is…

Vienna!   If you live in Vienna and ever thought about selling, now is the time!  Home prices are on the rise and Vienna is more attractive than ever!    According to CNN Money Magazine, “Unlike other cookie-cutter suburbs in … Continue reading

Grateful for What I Have – Happy Holidays

Hello folks…

Today I am reflecting on 2011 for all of the great things that came my way…

#1 thing to be GRATEFUL for is Joan Stansfield!

Joining forces with Joan midway through the year was truly a blessing for me!  We are a wonderful pair where I feel that one plus one definitely equals WAY more than 2 – maybe even 4 or 5!  She bring such a terrific energy and a huge heart to our business!

#2 thing to be GRATEFUL for is all of our clients!  

In 2011, we have had the pleasure of helping over 30 families buy, sell, rent or invest in real estate – and it’s been a great year!  We know that as we grow we will be able to help so many more and that is thrilling – the team is growing and we look forward to continuing to assist you with ALL of your real estate needs – and beyond – whether you just need to consider refinancing or re-decorating; whether you are re-landscaping or experiencing a plumbing disaster; whether you want a book recommendation or need an electrician – we hope to be your one-stop-shop!  Concierge level, Client Centric, Focused on YOU!

#3 thing to be GRATEFUL for is the state of the market in the DC area!

We are so fortunate to be in an area that has not suffered such great losses as many of our colleagues around the country have.  We are relatively stable, homes are selling, values are holding, interest rates are STILL unbelievable!

Life is good, my friends.  So thank you for an amazing 2011 and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2012!


Comprehensive Real Estate Service Professionals, At Your Service!

I have to start this post with a disclaimer – if any of you readers, near and dear to my heart, are reading this and realize by the end that you *may* have been guilty of what I’m about to describe – it’s ok – I still love and adore you – JUST DON’T DO IT AGAIN…

Ok – on to the business at hand – what does Comprehensive Real Estate Services mean?  Well, I think we can start with the obvious, we can represent you in the purchase of your home…  duh, you’re thinking, right?  We can list your home for sale also – which includes all of the services that come along with that, from a lockbox, to internet marketing, perhaps post cards, some print advertising, open houses, great photography, etc…  yeah, that sounds comprehensive, right?  So what’s so hard to understand?

Are you aware that we can help you get your home rented?  Even recommend and work hand in hand with a respected property management firm if you require that service…  yes, we do that – the words I cringe when I hear are…  “really?  You do THAT?  I didn’t know you did THAT!”

Are you aware that we can help you purchase property in other states?  Not just DC and Maryland… but a beach house, a mountain getaway, perhaps a property where your son or daughter attends college… Yep, we can do that too!  Sure can!  We have an extensive network of some of the best agents in the country and we have relationships with many of them already!

Are you aware that we can help you with your commercial real estate needs?  Nothing worse than hearing those words, here we go again:  “REALLY?  You can do THAT?”  **sigh** Yep, we can

Are you aware that we can help you through the short sale process?  (perhaps you’ve seen my earlier posts and already know this)  Yep, we work with a fantastic law firm who can represent and negotiate on your behalf and we can expertly guide you through this tough process.

The bottom line is that we truly are that comprehensive real estate resource for you – when you think real estate – no matter WHAT the service, start with us.  We’re waiting to give you and everyone you know a hand – give us a call TODAY!


Joan and Jennifer

Your Realtors and Community Concierge Team…  for life!


Is Strategic Default a Viable Option?

I heard a news story last week that I felt was worthy of further commentary – Suze Orman was being interviewed on one of the morning TV Shows – it was a story on, what else, declining values in the real estate industry.  Now, she’s a pretty smart woman when it comes to money management, sort of a modern day hero in helping others get money smart.  Getting out of debt, managing short and long term financial decisions, improving your financial health, saving for retirement (what’s that?) and more…

For the one of the first times, I was hearing a pretty compelling opinion being stated in favor of financial default.  Do you know what financial default is?  It’s when a homeowner (or business owner) makes a conscious decision to stop paying their mortgage, even if they can afford to continue to do so.  As homeowners this is often looked at as a “moral” decision – whereas in business, it’s simply a business decision – “is this the best use of my money?”

Earlier this year, Morgan Stanley defaulted on 5 office buildings in San Francisco – just decided not to pay because it didn’t make good business sense and I believe we are entering into an era where a homeowner making the same decision no longer has to wear the scarlet letter “F.”  Today, nearly 25% of all mortgages in the US are underwater but only 10% are in default – that means that a whopping 15% of Americans continue to pay while underwater – a lot like flushing the money down the proverbial toilet, if you’ll pardon my pun.

I’m not sure what the right answer is – but I do know if you find yourself with an underwater property and want to discuss the options, our team is well prepared to give you a hand.  You are not alone (in fact you are in excellent company) and we are here to help.  It’s a personal decision with definite consequences but if we can lend any assistance, we are standing ready to do so.  Whether the right answer is short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure or simply foreclosure (which I would NEVER recommend unless you have exhausted all other options) we have the knowledge and resources to guide you through this process.

Happy Wednesday!