Grateful for What I Have – Happy Holidays

Hello folks…

Today I am reflecting on 2011 for all of the great things that came my way…

#1 thing to be GRATEFUL for is Joan Stansfield!

Joining forces with Joan midway through the year was truly a blessing for me!  We are a wonderful pair where I feel that one plus one definitely equals WAY more than 2 – maybe even 4 or 5!  She bring such a terrific energy and a huge heart to our business!

#2 thing to be GRATEFUL for is all of our clients!  

In 2011, we have had the pleasure of helping over 30 families buy, sell, rent or invest in real estate – and it’s been a great year!  We know that as we grow we will be able to help so many more and that is thrilling – the team is growing and we look forward to continuing to assist you with ALL of your real estate needs – and beyond – whether you just need to consider refinancing or re-decorating; whether you are re-landscaping or experiencing a plumbing disaster; whether you want a book recommendation or need an electrician – we hope to be your one-stop-shop!  Concierge level, Client Centric, Focused on YOU!

#3 thing to be GRATEFUL for is the state of the market in the DC area!

We are so fortunate to be in an area that has not suffered such great losses as many of our colleagues around the country have.  We are relatively stable, homes are selling, values are holding, interest rates are STILL unbelievable!

Life is good, my friends.  So thank you for an amazing 2011 and here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2012!


The Northern Virginia Housing Market is Faring Well, According to Experts

Good morning!!

So as I was doing my early morning browsing this morning – getting all caught up on the news a headline caught my eye “America’s 25 Best and Worst  Performing Housing Markets” from Businesweek.  Now I must say NORMALLY I don’t pay any attention to any national reports because not only is real estate local, I’d say it’s hyper-local.  However, for grins I decided to read the article – well what do you know…  Northern Virginia had 9 of the 25 BEST PERFORMING MARKETS and better yet, we have 5 in the top 10!  Here they are:

#24 – Leesburg, Virginia
#19 – Sterling, Virginia
#13 – McLean, Virginia
#11 – Chantilly, Virginia
#9 – Reston, Virginia
#8 – Ashburn, Virginia
#6 – Herndon, Virginia
#5 – Vienna, Virginia
#4 – Burke, Virginia

You want to know what I noticed about these cities?  MOST of them (not all) you can draw a line right through from McLean to Leesburg straight out the Dulles Toll Road.  WOW – that’s HUGE!  We’ve also heard local reports of job growth and planned/forecasted job growth over the next 30 years!   (Just so you know, we had none of the “worst” – most of them were in Florida – a few others scattered here or there)

So if you’re a homeowner in any of these cities considering selling, please consider giving us a call.  We are local experts who specialize in these areas along the toll road and can help expertly guide you through the selling process.  Our inventory levels are extremely low and good homes are able to sell within 30 days – the ones priced right and staged to sell can even see multiple offers depending on their location and price.

We are here, ready for your call TODAY!

Happy Thursday

Joan & Jen