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Back to the Future – 2012 Real Estate Market in Northern Virginia

Oh My Gosh…  Here we are again, only this time it’s 2012 and the real estate market in Northern Virginia is CRAZY!  WE are having competing offers, multiple contracts, highest and best… it’s just NUTS.  If you are a buyer in this market perhaps you can relate.  If you are trying to go it on your own, STOP, go pick up your phone right now and call us – YOU NEED QUALIFIED REPRESENTATION!!  Ok, I’m kidding, but only partly – you can finish reading this, put your coffee down and then call us!  haha – but really the good properties that are (are you ready?) PRICED CORRECTLY are selling – many of them with multiples which is so frustrating – believe me, we are as frustrated as you are!  Because as I’ve written about before, multiple offers in this day and age (meaning post-mortgage industry meltdown – we’ll just call it PMIM) have such a different feel than those of days gone by (circa 2004, 2005)

There are a lot of people out there who have been considering selling and are waiting for the right time.  I can tell you that now is as good a time as I’ve seen in the recent past to get your home listed.  We are a good 60 days ahead of the spring market – opportunities are NOW!  Inventory is tight!  Sellers – there is no more important factor than price (oh, and accessibility – be sure your home can be shown please).  So while this might seem like a desperate rant – really there are a few important messages:

Buyers:  Get good representation and be prepared to put your best foot forward (we can help with both) 😉

Sellers:  Get your home ready and on the market at MARKET VALUE and it will sell (hmmm, we can help with that, too)

The bottom line is if you live in Northern Virginia and are thinking of listing your home for sale, please call us to help and don’t wait, call NOW!  If you are thinking of getting into the market and looking for a property to call “home” do your due diligence, be sure of what you want, get qualified representation and get in!

Happy Monday!

Jennifer & Joan