Our Favorite Apps for Homeowners & Renters!

Need help tracking your belongings for your next move? Having trouble tracking your home maintenance? Or are you looking for home décor ideas? Of course, there are apps for that! Here we break down our favorite smartphone apps for homeowners & renters! Oh, and did we mention they’re all FREE?

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

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Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up your mantle or decorate your home office, Houzz has endless ideas for your home décor. Browse through ideas from interior designers & save them for easy access. There are over 4 MILLION high resolution photos for you to search through by either style, room type, location & more! CNN dubbed the Houzz interior design ideas app the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design”. We agree completely!

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With all of our busy schedules, it can be difficult to meet those around you or find out the happenings in your neighborhood. Luckily, Nextdoor app makes it easy to connect with neighbors! The app is a free, private social network that allows you to quickly & easily communicate with people in your community about local events, things for sale and/or anything you want to share about your area! The best part is that they verify that you are actually a resident by either your phone number or credit card to ensure privacy. Sign up and get to know your community today

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Owning a home is a wonderful thing, but it’s also a huge responsibility. Your HVAC unit needs servicing, your chimney needs sweeping…who can keep track these days?! But the good news is you’ll never forget your basic maintenance with Home Savvy. Simply answer a quick series of questions about your home and the app will automatically create reminders & alerts for you. You can also contact a top-rated professional for your home maintenance needs directly through the app! You’ll never have to worry about neglecting your home again.

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Home Outside Palette

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Looking to add some curb appeal and/or make your backyard an oasis? Use Home Outside Palette to design it yourself! Not only is this app a blast to play with, but it allows you to save your ideas and map out everything from shrubs to patio furniture! So start updating your landscaping and give your exterior home some love!

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Moving Day

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No one enjoys moving…it’s a huge pain! But the Moving Day app alleviates much of the stress by helping you track what is in each box, take photos of your belongings AND print labels! You’ll never feel as organized as this!

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What are your favorite apps for your home & community?

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