5 Reasons You Need A Buyer Specialist

Thinking about buying? Our Buyer Specialists, Susan Archer & Ryan McKinstrie, break down the reasons you shouldn’t buy without them!

Susan Archer RM_hs

My services are NO cost to you:

The buyer agent’s fees are always paid for by the SELLER, and are set by the listing agent before the home hits the market!

I KNOW the Market:

I ONLY work with buyers, so I know what’s out there and have a keen ability to interpret historical data and market analytics.

You’ll Stay Ahead of the Game:

Not only do I know the market inside and out, I work with a HUGE network of agents, and can often find your new home before it’s even listed!

We’re in a Highly Competitive Market:

The Northern Virginia real estate market is HOT, and my services are priceless. I’m a trained negotiator, who knows how to help you beat the competition and write a winning offer!

I’ll protect YOU:

VA law requires realtors to “promote the interests of the buyer with the utmost faith, loyalty and fidelity” and vigorously protect your confidentiality. I will do that and more for you.


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