Tysons – Busting out of its Corner!

Although there have been many setbacks, it now appears there is finally a “silver lining” for the Silver Line. The latest news is they are on track to open their doors in July, and commuters aren’t the only ones that are relieved. Metro loses about $2 million each month that the Silver Line isn’t open. That sounds high, but with all of the big name companies and commuters that will be taking advantage of the Metro’s new addition, it makes sense.

Did you know that Tysons Corner is home to 26.4 million square feet of office space? — making it the 12th largest business district in the United States. I have watched the area grow over the years and when I moved to Vienna in 2005 (from Falls Church), it was an eye-opener to learn about all of the big company headquarters based in Tysons. Here are just a few to highlight.

Hilton Worldwide

Wherever you travel, you are sure to find a Hilton hotel in which to rest your head. In addition to Hilton Hotels, they own DoubleTree, Hampton, Homewood Suites, Embassy Suites, and more. They’ve been around for 94 years and have close to 4,000 hotels all around the world, and you can find their headquarters along Jones Branch Drive right here in McLean.

USA Today & Gannett Company

The popular, colorful USA Today paper is the most widely circulated print newspaper in the U.S. and is headquartered right in Tysons, along with its publisher, Gannett Company. Gannett is the largest newspaper publisher and also owns and/or operates 43 television stations.

Capital One

Not only is the “What’s In Your Wallet” company headquartered in Tysons, they are also planning to build the tallest tower. If approved, it will be hard to miss Capital One’s presence in Tysons Corner.

Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac finds itself at #31 on Forbes 500. While they have offices in large U.S. cities like New York and Chicago, this mortgage loan company is based out of Tysons.

Booz Allen Hamilton & SAIC

Local residents will agree that it seems like every other person we know is a government contractor. Living around the nation’s capital, a high percentage of residents are government employees or are employed by government contractors. Booz Allen Hamilton and SAIC are two of the big name companies in this sphere and both are headquartered in Tysons. They both made the top 10 in Washington Technology Top 100 in 2013, and SAIC even has a street named after it, SAIC Drive. Talk about having “a presence!”

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