Service MATTERS!

What can WE do for YOU?

Today “service” is on my mind.  What kind of service do you expect from your real estate professional?  What kind of service are they committed to provide to you?  It’s an important question, don’t you think?  This is probably your single largest investment you’ll ever make, and whether you are buying or selling, it’s a BIG deal – even if you do it (which you probably will) more than once in your life, it’s a BIG deal EVERY time.

Sometimes we go to a restaurant and expect a level of service based on the prices – wouldn’t you say?  Well I say phooey!  You should expect impeccable service each and every time no matter what the price tag – I had the privilege of visiting a restaurant in Austin TX a few months ago who believes customer service is their #1 obligation (along with an excellent meal, mind you) and this restaurant is in a gas station – the most delicious BBQ, sweet tea, etc…  mmmmmm….. they made sure we had a platinum level experience –

What does this mean for real estate?  Whether you are purchasing an $80,000 condo or selling a $3,000,000 home our commitment is for the BEST customer service EVERY SINGLE TIME…  EVERY TIME!  You are placing your trust in us to guide you through a real estate transaction – you’re not simply picking up a pack of gum and a bottle of shampoo!

So give us the opportunity and we will show you our stuff!  We bring our A game every time, with every client, every day!  We hope to serve you (and your friends, families, colleagues, neighbors, coworkers, etc…)  sometime soon.  Give us a try… you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Wednesday!

Jen & Joan




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